The Weather Ranger Vision: What We Want to Build and Why

Hi There: 

Thanks for checking us out. To help better explain what the Weather Ranger vision is, and just as importantly, is not, please take a few minutes to watch this presentation.  I think you will find something unique taking shape and hope you will help spread the word! 


2 thoughts on “The Weather Ranger Vision: What We Want to Build and Why”

  1. Hello,

    I am a fellow PSU 2010 graduate from the meteorology department and I am very interested in what Weather Ranger is all about. I was unable to find any direct information how Weather Ranger works and what I can do help. Could I get some more information because it seems very interesting so far. Thanks!


    1. Hi Dustin:

      Did you review the vision video above? I assume you did. Basically, I have 100 people asking me each day what the weather is going to be like. I tell them and they say I am so much better than everyone else; some even say I should have a business. Well guess what–now I do and people can sign up. For a very small fee–less than cafe latte–they can have unlimited access to my forecasts. I also want to get people in the community more involved in the weather and sharing that experience with each other, and offer education opportunities to learn more.

      What can you do to help? That depends on what you want to do… Please email me at and we can discuss this.

      Thanks for dropping by,

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