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So who are we?

Jay 2001

I am Jay Searles, Idea Generator and Lead Forecaster for Weather Ranger. I have a BS and MS in Meteorology, and then over 25 years of forecasting experience ranging from research projects, the National Weather Service, television and radio; and also writing the weather pages for the New York Times. I have also been teaching Meteorology for just as many years. Basically this is a passion and hobby for me and I love talking with anyone and everyone about the weather.

Joining me is Mike Griffith, with a BS in Meteorology – Weather Forecasting and Communications, and a MS in Applied Meteorology. Mike joined Weather Ranger to better inform the everyday consumer so they can benefit from preparing his or her life for the weather. Mike forecasts the day-to-day weather for the Charlotte NC region, but also has a special interest in winter storms and severe weather. Mike grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs and is very familiar with the weather patterns across Eastern US. Mike’s passion for the weather began with the Tornado Outbreak/Wind Event of November 17-19th, 1989. He also took interest in the Superstorm of 1993,  the Winter of 1994, the Limerick Tornado, and the record-setting 32 inches of snow from the Blizzard of 1996.



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