4 thoughts on “Q-Cast”

  1. Hey Jay, getting YouTube error : video not found on the State College Quick Cast. I’m really finding weather ranger to be very helpful!

    1. Hi Dan:

      Thanks! Glad your liking the service. I think you hit it just as I was updating as I had deleted the previous forecast, I will make sure I just switch names before deleting next time. Our overnight flurries and snow showers wanted to stick around this morning and I needed to add a few more hours to the today forecast. The little disturbance triggering them is sliding across the region now and looks like some of it could have blown off the lake too. So tricky when we are in a transition to much warmer air. Now we will have to see how the warm air interacts with all the snow, models are saying clear but experience says not so fast, fog and low clouds will probably be an issue.


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