Mission Statement

So what is this “Weather Ranger” anyhow and what makes them more desirable to use over other sources? What is their mission and how are they going to do it? 

The viewers and listeners of weather information actually have many sources and even incredible technology to show them what the weather will be, especially with their phone apps. Unfortunately, most of those forecasts are derived directly from computer model output, which has great limitations in accuracy and usability. This limits your power to make wise and accurate decisions, sometimes in critical situations.  So, I have set out to create a direct and personal information system (from highly trained – skilled – talented meteorologists) for weather predictions – and much more – that will not only give you that power, but enhance it over other sources. The Weather APP greatly enhances our ability to get critical information to you, we highly recommend using it. It has also occurred to me that even with plentiful resources in weather information, State College and the nearby communities are greatly under-served.  As a matter of fact, I think and see how every community is under-served because there is very little direct communication to the source of the predictions and literally no community involvement. That is what we are out to change.

How are we going to do that?

#1 We are focused on the local communities we serve and in the position to make the weather forecasts “hyper local.”

#2 We are not here for entertainment. We are full of good information without the hype. Though some of the ways we share that information you might find delightfully “entertaining” and perhaps even “inspiring”

#3 Another thing we are not about is tapping your information, our cell phone app will never track what you are up to and then sell that information.

#4 Our e-mail and text message alerts are sent only when significant weather changes are expected, sometimes that will be nice days too. They really help clue you in though as to what is happening and going to happen weather wise.

#5 Provide community involvement through outreach to schools, various organizations and businesses that may have a relationship with, or a strong interest in knowing about the weather.

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