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To sign up for Weather Ranger e-mail forecast updates and severe weather alerts. Please enter your contact information on the contact form, see below link.  Text alerts come faster and serves you better for summer thunderstorms.  We will send out alerts for severe weather at least an hour in advance (including poor air quality) or also be informed of forecast updates and changes (not done unless significant). We will also send messages when the weather is going to be extra nice, or during the summer, extra hot and humid – or for the winter – extra cold and icy.  Most importantly, YOUR INFORMATION WILL BE KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL AND NEVER SHARED WITH ANYONE! Simply enter your name and e-mail and make sure you are set to receive e-mails in your account from   

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You can also sign up for free text alerts for those that are always on the go and want to know right away what is going on (text alerts let you know an hour or more when the storms or precip will start in SC). Sign up right here. 

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