Local Philanthropic Partnerships


Weather Ranger provides forecasting services and educational opportunities to the State College area and surrounding communities. We also have a strong commitment to helping our community grow closer in supporting each other and some very important issues. These include social well being, education, prosperity, environmental health, sustainability and wise use of all our resources for energy.  With those considerations we have chosen the following organizations to receive 1% each of our revenue gained from sharing our space and spreading the word for businesses that provide products and services for our community. In addition we highly encourage our partners to consider a similar practice according to their community values. We can only grow stronger as we work together to improve our home.


Bike Fresh is a charity cycling event that benefits the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture(PASA). Since 1992 PASA has been  working to bring farmers together to learn from each other, and to build relationships between those farmers and consumers looking for fresh, wholesome, locally and sustainably produced food. Learn more at pasafarming.org


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