How The Weather Works!

Hello:  Here are a list of videos for you to go through that step by step introduce you to the basics of weather and take you through how weather is made such as thunderstorms, tornado’s, hurricanes and even climate change. In all there are 14 videos, it is recommended that you start with 1 and go to 14 as one builds on the previous, you can always repeat and please, jump in with questions and you can post it online at the bottom of the list, or e-mail it to me…

Best viewed in full screen and set HD on! 

Overview of the basics

Warming the earth

Understanding air temperature

Humidity, Condensation and clouds

Clouds and precipitation, how they are made

Understanding air pressure and winds

How the air moves around and makes the weather

Air Masses, Fronts, and storms that hit the States

How to forecast the weather

Part 1: Thunderstorms and Tornadoes

Part 2: Thunderstorms and Tornadoes


Understanding Global Climate

The Changing Climate

Understanding air pollution


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