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Looking to increase your Visibility across Central PA. Or perhaps get the word out about a good deal you have going on. Your Customers want to know and most of them will come here to find out the weather. Why? Because it is much more accurate and reliable, plus get the alerts and changes direct to you and your customers from the meteorologists.  Here are some packages for examples of what we can do to help you.

PACKAGE A: Your “Logo and Links”, plus some info on two forecast pages – the Hour by Hour and 7 Day forecast

PACKAGE B:  Gets you in on one of those same pages (your choice) and also on the very popular e-mail alerts with an open rate of 50-70% or higher. Go direct through e-mail and send a personal message, discounts or coupons. If you are a restaurant or food service provider, we can put in weekly or monthly specials too. Or for anyone else that would like to have that service for what you provide.

PACKAGE C:  Add in a video presentation of who you are and what you can provide, up to two minutes in length, get space for additional information on the presentation page as well.

Text message alerts…sponsor text messages alerts for a month with company name or web page  ( Limited to 1 business a month or 30 days from purchase)

As a bonus your pages will also be linked with our Face Book pages and associated with twitter.

Note 1: As popularity and volume of users grows – demand for sponsorship increases as well. Rates will increase along with that, but not within your contract period.

Note 2: First 10 associates that sign on for 1 year commitment will be treated to entry level rates for 2 more years as long as you keep your contract active. This guarantees continued high visibility.

Contact Jay below for questions or more information (or call 814-238-3458).


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